#3 – Propaganda

Visual contributions

        • Stickers and Stamps
          As Toupeiras
        • Aquellos que Esperan
          Borja Larrondo & Diego Sánchez
        • No 60º aniversário da Revolução Cubana | On the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, 2018
          Daniel Blaufuks
        • Untitled
          Diogo Simões
        • HTD Communication, Domotics, from How Things Dream
        • Good and bad good and bad, 2018
          Ignasi Aballí
        • Caravana de la libertad, 2016
          João Pina

        • Visual Action
          Marcelo Brodsky
        • Beautiful People, 2018
          Margarida Gouveia
        • Untitled
          Mauro Restiffe
        • Logos, 2018. Posters on the streets of Valência, in the context of ‘Creación y pueblo, no Centre del Carme’.
          Sara & André (in collaboration with Marco Balesteros)

(full texts)

        • Editorial: Arte não é Propaganda! | Art is not Propaganda!, 2018
          Sofia Silva
        • Fire Inside, 2018
          Pete Brook
        • A fotografia à porta de casa e a propaganda | Propaganda and photography at the front door, 2018 (translation by Sofia Silva)
          Teresa Mendes Flores
        • Shooting in the name of (and now you do what they told ya): Photojournalism – keeping the status quo, 2018 (translation by Sofia Silva)
          Rodrigo Peixoto, after intense dialogue with Valter Ventura 


      • Covers
        by Propeller and Matilde Ventur
      • Design by Paulo Arraiano