Alex Gomez-Marin


Alex Gomez-Marin (Barcelona, Spain, 1981)

Alex Gomez-Marin earned a PhD in Physics in 2008 studying the microscopic origins of the macroscopic arrow of time. After a Masters in Biophysics, he switched from pen-and-paper to experimental neurobiology. First, at the EMBL-CRG (Barcelona), he developed software to understand how larvae navigate in odor landscapes. In 2013 he traveled to India to learn about the poetry of Sri Aurobindo. Next he moved to the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown (Lisbon), where he investigated the organization of postures in worms, the locomotor behavior of fruit flies, and learning in mice. In 2014, Alex was one of the neuroscientists involved in the Raízes da Curiosidade project at the Centro Cultural de Belém, working in close collaboration with dancer Sara Anjo on the “coincidentia oppositorum” between art and science. Combining his neuroscience work with artistic residencies, he then embarked on a PhD in Philosophy concentrating on Bergson and Whitehead’s process thinking. In 2016, Alex started his own laboratory at the Instituto de Neurociencias (Alicante), where he and his team search for principles of animal behavior across species. Ultimately, his passion and aim is to comprehend the origins of “biological movement” at the intersection of neuroscience, philosophy and art.