Anabela Maravilhas


Hereby is a short selection of images carried out in 2017, which are part of a larger work that I have been producing since 2014, concerning Spirituality | Divine Vs Human Existence | Material.

It was through my experience with Catholicism that I got a religious education (the point of reference when I think of religion) – this was my first meeting with faith. Since that time I’ve created a very singular creed or ‘philosophy’ – no name; which has manifested through several readings, as well as with a research and search to familiarize myself with certain concepts related to religion, mythology, alchemy, symbolism (among others).

From all this theoretical interests, in 2004 I began creating a digital and paper archive of images and written documentation, etc. All this absorption of information has unleashed numerous questions and curiosities about human life, death, transcendence and limits in art. In this continuity, I ended up transposing all of this theoretical absorption into my artistic practice.

These images come from a questioning about matter in order to question the photographic medium, its processes, materials and techniques, which in turn make me question the material and human ephemeral nature. These images (I call paintings in photography) challenge the conventional limits, as well as defy feelings about beliefs, dichotomies, oppositions, etc., are images that want a prolonged attention, a rational and irrational questioning of one’s own being.

Born on August 9, 1979, in Lisbon, Anabela studied Painting – 4th year -, at FBUL and graduated in Architecture in 2004, by Modern University – Setúbal Pole. She also attended courses of nude modelling and new techniques of painting in 2012 and 2013, in the National Society of Fine Arts of Lisbon.