Anne Braune


Anne’s statement

The work CE-1 by Anne Braune deals with the topic of UFO sightings.
In the form of a collection, the work shows pictures by the photographer, texts and found footage, among which are archive images.
The texts introduce the viewer to the topic, giving information about current UFO history, UFO research and the people and organizations connected to it, supported by the archive material. The second narrative strand are the photos of UFOs, seemingly evidence of own UFO sightings.
The form of the presentation is recreated after archeological and scientific collections, which are scientifically substantiated.
On a meta level the work questions the credibility and probative force of photography and how these can be achieved or even strengthened.?


a short comment…

Anne’s work first appeared to us in the open call for Mancha (edition #1). Because we enjoyed the work so much, we encouraged Anne to submit again for this edition. Finally, here is Anne’s investigation into the land of UFOs.


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