Dante Busquets


Dante’s statement

A self-referential photographic analysis of middle-class suburban Mexico City, based on past relationships with people and urban space, that seeks to establish a visual dialogue with them in the present day.
I examine social stratification of the Mexican culture in Sateluco.
This project, which received the acquisition prize of the XII Photography Biennial in Mexico in 2006, features suburban landscapes from Ciudad Satélite, a region that developed north of Mexico City in the 1950s. The progression of this project led to my exploration of this environment in the search to define, look through and reaffirm many things: identity, family, friendship, and society.


about Dante’s Sateluco

With Sateluco, Dante manages to create a visual narrative that draws from his real personal experience in order to create a tale about suburban Mexico.
Although this series of photographs is rooted in Mexico, its nuclear subject couldn’t be more contemporary, in its sociological dimension.
Around major cities, geography is being redefined.
As damps become the new anthropological lexicons, photographers like Dante are the new collectors.
It’s history repeating itself and a new exodus is in progress.
As cities burst,
new streets are scavenged,
things get bought,
thing pile up,
grass gets mowed,
new railroads, new cables, new connections…
Everything looks great: the lights,
the shinning faces,
the groomed dogs
and the academic diplomas on the walls.



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