Daren You


One definition of chaos is when nonlinear things are impossible to predict and control. If law and order rule the universe, chaos, by contrast, is the totally disorganized opposite.
I have been exploring how to let the image beyond the border of the photography to let them create themselves and avoid manipulation by photographers and cameras. For this series, I used several techniques (both historical and contemporary) to process the same image: reticulated film through a high temperature developing process, liquid emulsion, inkjet printing, darkroom printing and encaustic painting. I then merged all these processes together by using a film camera to re-photograph the prints from these processes.
I’m curious about what the image will become after so many processes. What type of photograph is it? Is it still an image? How do I name it? The result is random—no one knows what it will look like. It’s impossible to control the result by layering these processes on top of the same images, together.
The dark tone in my images references the universe. There is always a horizon line in my photographs. It is a metaphor for infinity and emptiness, which challenging the definition of the border.

Daren You is a fine art photographer currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, he loves to use different kinds of experiments to explore the relationships and limitations between the painting, photography, and video.
His work has been exhibited in New York, California, Maryland and Vermont. His work also has been published in LensCulture Magazine, NewDawnPaper Magazine, Float Magazine, Don’tTakePictures Magazine, Der Greif Magazine, Phases Magazine and the official blog of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.