Igor Morales


Igor’s statement:

nãooriginais proposes a quasi-purist exercise of photography (realism), to the point of expanding Duchamp’s proposal of readymades – taking into account that his work is fundamentally photographic, analyzing through photography as a trait of a real and the pragmatic of the index of R.Barthes – and to make the image of the objects chosen become a work and thus also contribute with questions related to the reach of photography in contemporary art. Not a documentary image if not show them how they were found, relating to their medium, intact. Added to this is also proposed other discussions related to the photographic act, such as photography as an object, bringing it to the sculptural scope (images where the thing being photographed has its real size and the height of the assembly is very close to the point of view of photography) in order to question the viewer, opening up a range of explorations and questions about the texture and nature of the impression (grain popped from the photograph) and the reality (dimensions, black and white film, infinite depth of field) of what is shown..

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