João Peneda


João Peneda (1967, Lisbon, Portugal)

Graduated in Philosophy in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, New University of Lisbon (1986-90). Postgraduate studies in Philosophy at the same institution. Docent in the Fine Arts Faculty since 1992. Assistant Professor since 2005, with a Ph.D. in Sciences of Arts / Aesthetics on the contribution of the psychoanalytic theory of Freud and Lacan for Aesthetics. Taught the following pre-Bologna courses: Introduction to Aesthetics, Aesthetics (3rd and 4th grade and Master in Art Theory), Psychology and Cultural Studies; post-Bologna: in the 1st Cycle: Aesthetics I and II, Cultural Studies I and II, Psychology; in the 2nd Cycle: Therapeutic Perspectives of Plastic Arts and Theory of Digital Libraries and E-learning (Master in Art Education) and Psychology of Art (Master in Teaching Visual Arts, UL); in the 3rd cycle: Seminar of Fine Arts I and II (lectures) and Seminar II (IE-UL), PhD in Arts Education (UL and UP). Researcher in the Centre for Research and Studies in Fine Arts (CIEBA). Coordinator of the 3rd cycle of CAP. Translator and author of articles, reviews and publications in the area of Aesthetics and Psychoanalysis.