Mário Avelar


Mário Avelar (1956, Lisbon, Portugal)

Mário Avelar, professor of English and American Studies. Director of the Cascais Interartes Chair (Cascais Crossroad of the Arts), Vice President of the Geography Society of Lisbon, member of the Portuguese Academy of History and the Navy Academy. Integrated researcher of CEAUL. Coordinator of the Commission of Superior Studies, Education, Science and Technology of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries. Author of books and essays on anglo-american studies, Interartes studies and film studies. Author of two novels, “Jambic Pentameters” and “Inveja, uma novela académica”, both published by Assírio & Alvim. His gathered poetry comes under the seal of Imprensa Nacional under the title “Coreografando melodias no rumor das imagens”, as well as his most recent book of essays, “Poetry and Visual Arts – Confessionalism and écfrase”. His other essays are titled, respectively, “América – Pátria dos heróis” (Colibri), “Sylvia Plath, O rosto oculto do poeta” (Cosmos), História(s) da Literatura Americana (Universidade Aberta), Ekphrasis – O poeta no atelier do artista (Cosmos), O nascimento de uma nação – Nas origens da literatura americana (Cosmos), O essencial sobre William Shakespeare (Imprensa Nacional), O essencial sobre Walt Whitman (Imprensa Nacional). He translated several english-language authors, including Herman Melville, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Mary Renault, Robert Lowell and Lewis Carroll.