Mitar Terzic


Mitar’s statement

Tales from Lemuria is based on the legend of the ancient continent called Mu or Lemuria, which apparently was located somewhere in the Indian Ocean and disappeared in the same time as Atlantis.
The story said that Lemurians were a prosperous and spiritual civilization, contrary to aggressive Atlantis.
Thousand of years before it happened, they knew that the Great Flood was going to destroy the whole Planet and they prepared themselves for it.
to save themselves some of them made big vessels, and others went to live under the earth.
As they knew that nothing material would have survive the aftermath of the flood they left a message in our subconscious that “The Great Flood” occurs periodically and will happen again.
We have that information in our genetic memory, but,….could we remember the future?
On the basis of this legend, I created a series of characters and locations, which in my imagination could belong to the disappeared Lemuria.
The sea, the rain and the under earth are the scenery for the characters.
This story have a metaphorical intention and treat the hypothetical destiny of the modern world .


excerpts from an interview published in LifeMagazine China, January 2018

Why do people […] wear masks…?

Mitar Terz: In the ancient Greek theater, masks meant roles. In Tales of Lemuria, I tried to create the lost inhabitants of the mainland. Some of them have the appearance of humans, while others do not.Nowadays some philosophers such as Yuval Noah Harari and Peter Sloterdijk believe that people in the future will be a combination of humans and machines.[…] Why is this impossible?

Some people wear masks that resemble owls. Why choose owl masks? Inspired by the Black Death?

Mitar Terz: In my creative process, photography is the last step. All the masks and costumes used in the works were made by me. In this process, I listened to intuition. Many times in the creative process, I can’t predict what the subject will eventually come up with. Only when I finish it can I know that they come from my inner unconsciousness. Why are things like owls or birds? I do not know either. I want to say that all my photos are not just mine. The inspiration of the mask in the work did not originate from any Limorian figure, but when asked about this question, I began to think that there may be no unconscious intentions?

If you say that your work has a sense of absurdity, can you interpret it as a projection of modern society?

Mitar Terz: I think imagination and creativity are very important to humanity. Maybe it’s not right, but I feel that modernity – usually too mechanized – inspired people’s desire for dreams and fantasy.


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