Nuno Perestrelo

Nuno Perestrelo (1988)

Nuno Perestrelo is a freelance photographer based in Madrid, Spain. He was born and raised in Portugal and has wide international experience.
Educated in Communication and Journalism, with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and an international Master of Arts in Photojournalism, he has lived and studied in Portugal, Spain and Sweden.
He first started out as a journalist, writing for local and national media, and then from 2010 he devoted himself exclusively to photography.
His photographs have been exhibited and published in Sweden and Portugal. More recently, he won the grant for PhotoEspaña’s master program.
In his personal projects as a photographer Nuno is especially interested in the existential and unconditional relationship between humankind and nature. He also wants to reflect about the complexity and intersections between the different times of history in our daily lives. In other words, the repercussions or how much our present is still affected by the past events in ways we don’t even realise sometimes.