References #Ø

What follows is a glimpse into references that were particularly relevant to this number, in no particular order:

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but first and foremost: we’re crazy about pinguins 🙂

The Sex Industry’s Attack on Feminists, an article by Megan Murphy, @ Truthdig.

The Whoredom of the Left, an article by Chris Hedges, @ Truthdig.

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How Netflix’s Hot Girls Wanted Demeans the Women it Wants to Empower, an article by Josephine Livingstone, @ New Republic.

What I believe about sex and gender, an article (in 6 parts) by Rebecc Reilly Cooper, @ More Radical With Age.

Making sense of modern pornography, an article by Katrina Forrester, @ The New Yorker.

More on Sophia Wallace here

Embroidery by Alaina Verrone.

Megumi Igarashi, aka Rokudenashiko

Japanese artist Rokudenashiko was arrested on ‘accusations of censorship and double standards’. More on that here.

More on Four Chambers here. An interview with Amarna Miller (porn actress and part of Four Chambers) about porn and feminism can be found here (in spanish).

A conversation between Marta Gnyp and Stefan Ruitenbeek about Ancient Amateurs and the ‘morality of aestheticshere

Anarco-Queer? Queercore!, a publication by Chili Com Carne e Thisco. More on that here.

Ain’t No Fuckfest: Kanye West’s “Famous” Aftermath Pornography, an article by Brad Feuerhelm @ ASX

Nicki Minaj and “Anaconda” Are NOT Feminist, @ The Awkward Agent’s Archive.




@ ABC All in the Mind



More literary references:

Picturing Atrocity: Photography in Crisis, by Geoffrey Batchen, Mick Gidley and Nancy K. Miller (editors).

Carnal Resonance: Affect and Online Pornography, by Susanna Paasonen.

The End of Cool Japan: Ethical, Legal, and Cultural Challenges to Japanese Popular Culture, by Mark McLelland (editor).

C’Lick Me: A Netporn Studies Reader