Shortlist #2 – Fiction – authors published online


Open call edition #2

Shortlist #2

(The work of the following artists was chosen to be featured online. This selection highlights different approaches to the concept of fiction.)

The shortlist #1, featured in the magazine, can be found here.

(soon you’ll be able to click image to view author’s work)

Ann Massal

© Ann Massal, from the series ‘Bombastic’.

Anne Braune

© Anne Braune, from the project ‘CE-1’, 2017.

Dante Busquets

©2009 Dante Busquets, ‘Chally Vass’. from the project ‘Sateluco’.

Fábio Cunha

© Fábio Cunha, from the project ‘Zona – An Investigation Report’, 2014-2017.

Georgiana Feidi

© Georgiana Feidi, from the series ‘Consider the Empyreal’.

Igor Morales

© Igor Morales, ‘poncho e pessoa e parede’, from the project ‘nãooriginais’, 2017.

Inês Domingues

© Inês Domingues, from the project ‘Oryctolagus Cuniculus’.

Luís Barata

© Luís Barata, from the project ‘Singularidades’.

Marisa Bernardes

© Marisa Bernardes, from the series ‘Fragments of Holidays’.

Mitar Terzic

© Mitar Terzic, from the project ‘Tales from Lemuria’.

Philip LePage

© Philip LePage, from the series ‘Still’.

Rossella Nisio

©‎ Rossella Nisio, from the project ‘TOISLITHOIS’.