Tracy Piper-Wright

In Pursuit of Error

The error keeps me honest. The photograph that fails, that falls off the edges of reality, veracity, clarity, that’s the one that gets me thinking and believing in another type of photography: photography as a soft, sludgy combination of human senses, wild, movement, chaotic, accident-prone, nothing like that crisp, sharp, perfect image-making machine that chugs out the pictures that populate my internet. The error reminds me of time and place, decisions and actions, omissions and fumbling. It is a human photography in the age of the machine. It is real.

Tracy Piper-Wright is an artist and writer working in photography, video and installation.
Her research explores the culture of photography, and in particular the new dimensions of the photographic made possible by the internet, digital technology and social media.
Her practice centres on the reuse and repurposing of images and texts which come to symbolize all that we discard, overlook or lose in our daily life.
She is Senior Lecturer in Photography at the University of Chester.